Dreams and Visions

Dreams and visions can be parables. Understanding
your dreams and visions can unlock gods message to you.

Adrian Beale, Everrest Ministries

Adrian is co-author of The Divinity Code to understanding your dreams and visions. He is an itinerant prophetic teacher, who operates in and imparts the Spirits of Wisdom and Understanding (Isaiah 11:2). His ability in Scripture to see beyond the surface narratives to reveal eternal truths is noteworthy. He regularly teaches and interprets dreams publicly linking them to the word of God releasing people into kingdom realities.

Partner with Adrian

"Then Isaac (whose name means: He shall laugh/rejoice) sowed in that land, and received in the same year a hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him".
Genesis 26:12

Ministry Endorsements

Pour It Out Church | Sunshine Coast

Adrian Beale is an incredible gift to the body of Christ and a powerful weapon in the Lord's Aussie arsenal. Not only does he have an amazing revelatory teaching gift, he is also a very anointed communicator and minister.

In addition he is a very down to earth and personable Aussie bloke.

At Pour It Out Church we are very intentional about our culture and only invite guest minister's who are going to contribute to our Kingdom Revival culture and values.

Adrian Beale is such a person that we will have again and again and we highly recommend him to you.

Ben Hughes
Senior Leader
Pour It Out Church | Sunshine Coast
Pour It Out School of Supernatural Ministry
Nowra, NSW.

New Covenant Church |Nowra, NSW.

For many years I believe there has been an increasing desire for Christians to "know" their Spiritual roots, and thus their destiny. An explosion to this end has been released by Godly men and women and fortunately thus there is now much information now available to the Body of Christ.

In 2012 and 2013 Adrian ministered in our area.Through his ministry he enlightened us in the realm of VISIONS and DREAMS. Those who attended his seminars have profited greatly. There has been a "lift" in Spiritual Awareness and understanding by his work.

I endorse Adrian as a person and his ministry because I believe God is using him and his gifting to be a forerunner to usher in a fullness of knowledge and understanding of the Kingdom of God and inherent Spiritual realities.

Pastor John Dickerson
New Covenant Church
Nowra, NSW.

New Wine Life | Wollongong, NSW

The ministry of Adrian Beale at New Wine Life Church has been an invaluable investment into the lives of many people. Adrian's prophetic teaching encouraged our fellowship to engage in an exciting adventure opening their hearts and minds to having a more intimate relationship with God, through learning to hear His voice through their dreams and visions.

Many people who had never experienced dreams or visions began to experience them for the first time after Adrian's visit and after purchasing the book called the "Divinity Code." We found that when people have first hand relational encounters with God, it stirs fire, excitement and passion in their hearts.

This ministry is one of the most important ministries to the Body of Christ today!

Joy Berglund (Beard)
New Wine Life
Wollongong, NSW

Christalignment, Dandenong, VIC

Adrian has been instrumental in empowering our ministry of salvation - ( CHRISTALIGNMENT ) into the New Age marketplace through his highly accurate prophetic gifting. He is not only an amazing prophet but his deep knowledge of scripture ensures that there is always a sound strong foundation behind his words. His research, not only of biblical scripture but also of the language of the scripture (the original word meanings) has brought revelation and blessing to us personally, releasing more of Gods power into our prophetic ministry with greater freedom in the Holy Spirit.

We are now better equipped thanks to the impartation of the specific anointing working through his life.

Ken & Jenny
Dandenong, VIC