The Mystic Awakening - Book Endorsements

We are at a place in church history where there is a deep hunger for the God who answers by fire. There is a rising Glory Generation that are not satisfied with the status quo but are looking to see and experience the living God in ways not yet experienced. The Apostle Paul called Jesus the "Great Mystic Secret of God" where all supernatural knowledge is laid up and stored. We've been given access into God's treasure room to bring forth and manifest those riches on the earth. Adrian Beale has done an amazing job in his new book "The Mystic Awakening" in bringing these truths to light. In this book you will discover truths to unlocking the Supernatural Kingdom of heaven in your life. I highly recommend this book to all that are hungry and thirsty for more!!

Jeff Jansen
Senior Leader
Global Fire Church & Global Connect
Global Fire Ministries International
Kingdom Life Institute & Global Fire School of Supernatural Ministry

There are many "dessert-books" being released these days; books that are sweet, comforting and taste good, but provide no real nutritional value. The Mystic Awakening, however, is like a full course dinner that's not only appetizing, but also something you can really sink your teeth into. By a Spirit of Revelation, author Adrian Beale, unlocks the Word of God in a way that will propel you into a Kingdom lifestyle of power and purpose that all flows out of the presence of God and your divine union with Christ. The Mystic Awakening is a present-day textbook for releasing heaven on earth through understanding the poetic and parabolic language of the Spirit of God through dreams, visions and the revelatory realm. This is a book no Bible College or ministry school should be without.

Eric D. Green
Co-Founder & Overseer
Global Fire School of Supernatural Ministry
Kingdom Life Institute

We love this book. I'm pretty sure it was also on my destiny scroll, but Adrian seems to have got to it first! Bless him for his diligence in putting into simple language, backed up with scripture, God's calling to His favourite creation, Mankind, to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Almighty, the Kingdom, the Heavens and the Supernatural way of life which God had originally intended for us all. I love how easy it is to navigate through the topics and how Adrian breaks it down into bite-size morsels to chew on and digest one at a time as the reader is lead into this amazing feast which the Father has laid for all the Church to partake. Thanks, Adrian, for giving this book to the Bride of Christ, to encourage us all into the Supernatural lifestyle of asking, seeking, and finding Him.

Matthew & Pearl Nagy
The Glory Company
Horsham - UK

I loved Adrian Beale's book The Mystical Awakening. The great reformation of 1514 was just the beginning of God's plan to restore all things. In some ways the reformation dismissed the mystical elements of the Church and much truth has been veiled, however a new reformation is upon us. The Mystical Awakening is a book that will bring understanding to the mystical from a biblical perspective. I highly recommend this book to all seekers of truth and reformation. This book has the potential to spark a release of heaven in the earth that will bring revolution in the thinking of the Sons of God.

Ian Johnson
His Amazing Glory Ministries
Auckland - New Zealand

There are a lot of books out there offered to the body of Christ, and yet we only have so much time to spend reading. That is why I STRONGLY suggest this book, The Mystic Awakening. As you read you will find revelation opening up, calling to the 'deep unto deep' within you. Your heart will be strengthened and encouraged as the bigger picture in God's heart unfolds in the pages of this book. We have been created for this unprecedented hour of the merging of Heaven and Earth, but have lacked understanding as to the role we are to play as we join the ones who have gone before us in the culmination and restoration of Heaven on the earth. Grounded in the Word and well researched in the Hebrew language, Adrian presents to us an invitation to the true nature of the call of the mystic in all of us as we pursue the heart and desire of God. Thank you, Adrian, for all of your time and effort poured out and your yielded heart to the Spirit of God in the unfolding of this scroll in the earth. It's not just another book.

JoAnn McFatter
Worship leader and speaker


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